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Chaos Brings Calamity

Discussion in 'RWBY Role Play' started by shinenightz, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. shinenightz

    shinenightz Active Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    RP Lore:
    In the beginning, the Great Grimm War changed Remnant as we know it. Years after the Grimm threat had been reduced to nothing more than a few remaining scavengers, three powerful huntresses took over the land: Calamity, Prosperity and Neutrality. Each grew overwhelming hordes of followers and constructed kingdoms of unimaginable size. Though the Grimm didn't pose much of an issue, the new Dust that had been discovered called "Chaos Dust" did.

    This "Chaos Dust" took over the human body and corrupted the mind, turning hunters/huntresses into blood thirsty killers. As it crept through each vein, the body turned pale and the eyes, a blood red. Where the Dust came from was unknown to humanity, but it's suspected to come from the billions of burning ashes left by the fading remnants of Grimm.

    Calamity had taken it upon herself to acquire as much "Chaos Dust" as possible, which ultimately turned her into a creature of darkness. Prosperity on the other hand knew the devastating properties of the "Chaos Dust" and decided all traces of it must be destroyed. It's up to Prosperity and her warriors to stop Calamity before what happened to the Grimm happens to humanity.

    Even if Prosperity manages to kill Calamity and stop the spread of "Chaos Dust", Neutrality has kept quiet and her hunters/huntresses have taken up their lives as bounty hunters. Neutrality could be planning something much bigger.

    Kingdom & Queen Descriptions:
    *The Kingdom of Dark (Ruled by Calamity):
    The Kingdom of Dark is full of suspicious looking characters, most of them corrupted by "Chaos Dust". It's almost always raining and the sky is a dull black color. The buildings have been reduced to ruins except for a haunting black castle hovering over the land. Resources are scarce but at the same time not needed, as "Chaos Dust" can supply all the body's needs through some kind of magical dark force. The gloomy and terrifying citizens has kept people away from the area and the powerful hunters/huntresses under Calamity's rule have kept the other kingdoms warriors at bay.
    *Name: (Calamity Terras)
    *Age: (25)
    *Gender: (Female)
    *Race: (Human)
    *Kingdom Affiliation: (Kingdom of Dark)
    *History: (Calamity fought in the Great Grimm War (the war that brought the Grimm to an end), becoming a well known Grimm slayer. She excelled in her training and easily surpassed her superiors. Later in life she lost someone important to her, "Aiden Young" was his name. They knew each other since birth and his death caused her to lose sense of emotion. She grew restless and wanted to gather enough power to resurrect him. Believing "Chaos Dust" was her answer, she collected huge amounts of it, but in the end the corruption took over her mind and she became what most call "Death herself". Now leading an army of evil, she strives to get revenge against humanity and the faunus for taking away her beloved.)
    *Body's Appearance: (Very pale. A little of the shorter side, about 5' 5". She is almost weightless due to the properties of the "Chaos Dust". She has hair almost exactly like Raven's (medium, wavy, black hair) Her eyes are a blood red.)
    *Clothing: (She wears a crimson red like robe (unbuttoned) with a small white steel chest piece underneath. Her blacks jeans match with her black biker gloves and black boots. Also she wears a black sheath on her hip.)
    *Weapon: (Her weapon is a katana. The blade is black on the top half and silver on the bottom half (horizontally). The hilt has red bands over the black painted wood material. Also it appears to have a red static around the blade itself. The katana can be reduced to a small high-caliber pistol with electric properties.)
    *Semblance: (Her semblance is control of electricity)

    *The Kingdom of Light (Ruled by Prosperity):
    The Kingdom of Light takes a more medieval look. Usually clouds cover most of the sky and you feel like there is some kind of celestial presence. People are not exactly happy and cheerful like you'd think though. Unrest has plagued the kingdom and the people are worried of any potential strikes lead by Calamity. The kingdom may be filled with pretty lights and random festivals, but it's just to hide the fear in most people's eyes. Those who lead the frontal assault on the Kingdom of Dark are called guardians. These guardians are considered to be saviors and sometimes even gods, but unknown to the public the guardians are just as weak as any other hunter/huntress.
    *Name: (Prosperity Celesstine)
    *Age: (27)
    *Gender: (Female)
    *Race: (Human)
    *Kingdom Affiliation: (Kingdom of Light)
    *History: (Born into royalty, Prosperity never knew life far from her kingdom "Grestelli'. She has always been sheltered and protected by her father Lord Daylend. Sadly on what seemed to be a peaceful day, the Grimm launched an assault and destroyed everything she ever knew, including the murder of her parents. She swore to avenge them and slay all the Grimm in Remnant, becoming a powerful leader in the Great Grimm War. After the war she became tired of fighting but knew she had to do what was right. She built her own kingdom and lead a group of unique hunters/huntresses to stop all evil that may arise.)
    *Body's Appearance: (Light-toned with long, straight, blonde hair and short bangs that are lifted up. Her eyes are a deep blue with a very determined look to them. Her height is roughly 5' 11".)
    *Clothing: (She stands proud, clad in shiny silver armor. It takes a very medieval knight type look but is a bit smaller than usual. She wears no helmet. Her knightly armor does cover most of her body except for her neck, head and waist. Instead she wears a pair of black jeans like Calamity to cover her waist.)
    *Weapon: (She wields a large broadsword that she wears on her back. It's silver with a regular black hilt. Encrypted on the blade are the Japanese letters for "peace" and "despair" near the hilt side of the blade. It also appears to have a white glow. It can turn into some kind of mega cannon...)
    *Semblance: (Her semblance allows her to absorb the sadness and fear of people and use it as energy, which in turn improves all of her stats. She can reach a point of maximum energy. When she does reach this point (which she refers to it as goddess mode) her powers are limitless and she begins to lose control, often relying on brute force instead of strategy. Her hair turns a bright red color and her eyes done a silver.)

    *The Kingdom of Neu (Ruled by Neutrality):
    The Kingdom of Neu is full of random guilds. Most of them are hard to get into, some even requiring recruits to kill as initiation. The kingdom isn't very well managed due to Neutrality hiding away in the kingdom's castle. Only the Supreme Council of Neu (SCN) knows of Neutrality's whereabouts. The kingdom's architect is extremely diverse, it'd be rare to find any building that is similar to another one. There are also underground tunnels sprawling throughout. They are usually used for stealing or assaults on other guilds for money. Merchants are often robbed and hunters/huntresses often carry out assassinations. On top of that the people in the kingdom are mostly faunus. They tend to despise humans after what happened to the queen, often treating them like they were slaves. Though the kingdom is filled with criminal activity most consider it loads better than anything in the Kingdom of Dark.
    *Name: (Neutrality Ecliptic)
    *Age: (24)
    *Gender: (Female)
    *Race: (Fox Faunus)
    *Kingdom Affiliation: (Kingdom of Neu)
    *History: (Abandoned by her parents due to lack of support, the poor baby faunus was alone. Unluckily, she was found hours later by a group anti-faunus. The group abused her as she grew up. She was considered a slave by most. Though she was treated like garbage, she still had a pure heart. To escape her captives she joined up with the hunters/huntresses as a scout in the Great Grimm War. She became powerful during the war and created a kingdom so she could never again become a slave. Soon the "Chaos Dust" spread through the lands and caused evil to prosper. She wanted to learn more about this "Chaos Dust" and dedicated her life to discovering the mysteries of it, locking herself in her castle after creating a supreme council to manage what she was leaving behind.)
    *Body's Appearance: (Neutrality is light-tonned. Her height is around 5' 7". She has a pair of red fox ears as well as a fluffy tail with a white tip. Her eyes are a very distinct purple, the right eye with a scar over it. Most likely due to her beatings. Her ginger hair almost reaches her rear and is very straight. )
    *Clothing: (She wears a black tank-top and a short, all pink mini skirt. She wears long black socks and a pair of short heels (almost flat). Pink arm sleeves as well.)
    *Weapon: (Two average sized swords that can combine into a shotgun. The blades are both the same in looks. Their hilt is Black (ironically like the other two's blades...) with the blades of the swords being a lavender color.)
    *Semblance: (Her semblance is to ability to predict her opponents next moves. Almost like seeing a few seconds into the future.)
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  2. shinenightz

    shinenightz Active Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    Alrighty guys! Here's all the rules and such:

    RP Rules:
    *1. The "Don't be a dick" rule applies indefinitely.
    *2. All general rules apply as well.
    *3. Please state whether you are OOC (Out Of Character) or IC (In Character) when switching between the two
    *4. Also every action is considered to be an ATTEMPT. For example, instead of "I grabbed..." it'd mean "I attempted to grab..." You don't have to include "I attempted", just know that it is considered that way.
    *5. Absolutely NO OP (Over Powered) CHARACTERS!!! We don't need the crap... honestly... Make your character seem believable.
    *6. Excessive gore as well as excessive sexual content will not be tolerated, please keep it brief.
    *7. As "Story Master" I will have the final say in lore related events (such as the killing of one the three ruling huntresses)
    *8. Also I will have my own character as well as manage the three kingdoms and their huntresses so... yeah.
    *9. If you are planning on becoming inactive or if you are inactive for 2 months your character must be killed off or have "gone away". If you are inactive for 1 month you will be notifed with a PM as a warning. This is to assure the plot moves forward for the rest of us.
    *10. If your character is speaking inside their own head, use italics to represent their thoughts.
    *11. When your character is speaking use quotation marks to avoid confusion between action and dialogue.
    *12. You cannot decide what another member's character does. You are only in control of your character/characters. I don't think this will be a big problem but it had to be mentioned.
    *13. It's alright if you have a random grammatical error here and there but if your post becomes unreadable you must fix it.
    *14. When entering a new location please state where you went. A general format you can use is "Kingdom of Neu hotel: [State action/dialogue]". Also when first starting in the RP, state the location of where your character begins.

    Extra Info:
    If this RP goes as planned I have already made plans for a sequel! Obviously the plans may change based on the actions of your characters. I know there is a lot to read but if you do read it the story will be more enticing!

    If you'd like to join the RP, all you have to do is post your character application here. Due to this world having lots of locations to start from, anyone can join at any time!

    UPDATE: I expect this only to be the first story of three. The first is obviously "Chaos Brings Calamity". The second would be called "Peace Brings Prosperity" and the third being "Nothing Brings Neutrality". This does not mean I will cut off the first RP. When most members agree that the next RP needs to begin I will set it up.

    UPDATE #2: Me (shinenightz) and Night_Hound are in charge of story-related events that may occur such as a bandit attack or the invasion of one kingdom onto another. We will discuss and agree in our "Mods only" chat before putting an event in place.

    UPDATE #3: Because there are three kingdoms I will be allowing the creation of more characters (Even if not all the characters are from each kingdom)

    HEY EVERYONE!!! I thought this amazing RP needed an entire wikia to explain everything. I'll tell you when it is officially complete~

    Wikia completion:
    *Home page: ~95%
    *Faction pages: ~0%
    *Character pages: ~0%
    *Location pages: ~40%
    *Story pages: ~0%
    *Extra Lore pages: ~90%

    PS: Rules/Other jibber-jabber may be added, in which I will notify you all.

    Character Application:
    *Name: (First and Last)
    *Age: (No lower than 15 and no higher than 30)
    *Gender: (Male or Female)
    *Race: (Human or Faunas)
    *Kingdom Affiliation: (Join up with Calamity or Prosperity, or become a rouge with the ruler of Neutrality. Either that or you could be a lone wolf...)
    *History: (Keep it within this lore's backstory, Ruby and the gang don't exist)
    *Body's Appearance: (Not the clothes, just your character's physical body)

    *Clothing: (You can basically wear anything, just don't be stupid about it)
    *Weapon: (Anything really...)
    *Semblance: (Your character can have any semblance that isn't OP, and since Ruby and the gang don't exist you can have theirs)

    *Shimo Frost - (shinenightz)
    *Alek Bronas - (XxMusicOnFirexX)
    *Cobalt Nesmith - (Kotoura San)
    *Jeskye Varkas
    - (Swiftclaw23)
    *Celestina Rybano - (Keia)

    *Lilia Hitashigano - (FluffytheArthropleura)
    *Aki Nonomi - (fluffyfoxchan)
    *Charon Inanna
    - (Night_Hound)
    *Johann B. Fairchildr - (Grimmash)

    Extra Cast:
    *Ginger Senomi - (FluffytheArthropleura)
    *Yuuki Treyarch - (shinenightz)
    *Calamity Terras - (shinenightz)

    *Prosperity Celesstine - (shinenightz)
    *Neutrality Ecliptic - (shinenightz)
    *Fenrir - (Night_Hound)
    *Red - (Swiftclaw23)

    *Muzai - (Swiftclaw23)
    * Melissandra Lovelock - (Grimmash)
    * Zebediah Bloodmire - (Grimmash)
    * Selvaria Bane - (Night_Hound)
    *Erik Vayne - (shinenightz)
    *Kayvec Varith - (shinenightz)
    *Rikka Shizuki - (shinenightz)
    *Lilly Valentine - (shinenightz)

    Other Characters:
    *Aiden Young - (shinenightz)
    *Daylend Celesstine - (shinenightz)
    *Hiro - (XxMusicOnFirexX)
    *Solaidius - (Kotoura San)
    *Torrin Averak - (Keia)
    *Fortuna - (Grimmash)
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  3. shinenightz

    shinenightz Active Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    *Name: (Shimo Frost (Most call him Frost, only his close friends call him Shimo))
    *Age: (18)
    *Gender: (Male)
    *Race: (Human)
    *Kingdom Affiliation: (Kingdom of Light)
    *History: (As a child, Shimo was always excited to see the guardians. He looked up to them and even wanted to be one. Tales of the hero's in the Great Grimm War were his favorite to listen to. His mother constantly rambled on about how amazing her husband was and how great of a fighter he became. For Shimo, dreams did become true. Now a guardian in the Kingdom of Light's warrior group, he'd end up fighting the Kingdom of Dark. Who would have know that the guardians were more like cannon fodder than actual fighters.)
    *Body's Appearance: (Light skin and short black hair. His eyes are a light green. His height is 5' 9" and his weight is a little below average. Some would even say scrawny.)
    *Clothing: (A black cloak (Similar to a trench coat) with a black under-shirt. He has black cargo pants and black boots. Has a Sheath that is also black on his hip... He wears a lot of black but trust me, he isn't emo... He looks like Kirito from SAO almost.)
    *Weapon: (He wields a silver-bladed katana with a (you guessed it) black hilt. The blade it's self has an illuminate blue glow to it. It can transform into a sniper rifle.)
    *Semblance: (His semblance is speed)
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  4. XxMusicOnFirexX

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    Jan 6, 2016
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    I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN!!! I'll write my character application now. I'm kinda new here so...:

    *Name: (Alek Bronas)
    *Age: (15)
    *Gender: (Male)
    *Race: (Cat Faunas)
    *Kingdom Affiliation: (Kingdom of Neu)
    *History: (He was struggling with his life because he was bullied and had little food. A bounty hunter happened to pass by Alek and took him in as his own. The bounty hunters name was "Hiro" and was a wolf faunus. He joins a bounty hunter guild that kills fast and quietly, almost like a ninja.)
    *Body's Appearance: (Sort-of tan, short, dark red hair with orange short ears. Typical red-orange cat tail. He's tall and fairly skinny.)
    *Clothing: (Grey robe with a small opening for the tail. Usually wears the hood up to hide his identity. For pants he wears light weight and armored iron as well as armored boots.)
    *Weapon: (He has a hammer. It has a red handle and a black tip. The hitting part is a really shiny silver. The hammer can also turn into a rocket launcher type gun.)
    *Semblance: (He has great defense, like an immovable wall.)
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  5. Kotoura San

    Kotoura San Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    Hi! ^_^ I would like to join!!! (Sorry if it's bad! I'm kind of new.)

    *Name: (Cobalt Nesmith)
    *Age: (17)
    *Gender: (Female)
    *Race: (Human)
    *Kingdom Affiliation: (Kingdom of light)
    *History: (Cobalt grew up living with a faunas named Solaidius who later died when their house was burned down by anti-faunus groups when she was 12. She later became a "street thug" in the Kingdom of Neu and casually stole food and later stole a pair of dual swords which she still uses to this day. She trained herself hand-to-hand combat by fighting gangs and criminals. However, through all the crime she committed, she was never caught. Once she was old enough, she traveled to the
    Kingdom of Light so she could leave the memories of her dead friend, Solaidius, behind her. )
    *Body's Appearance: (Thin, but muscular. She is about 5' 5" and under weight. She has sparkling cobalt eyes and shiny, curly raven-hair pushed to her left side.)
    *Clothing: (Navy blue corset jacket. Black "combat skirt". Black laced gloves. Half black, half navy tights. Black converse-like high-tops.)
    *Weapon: (A pair of stolen dual-blades. Black handles and a cobalt blade. Works like Weiss's sword.)
    *Semblance: (Can create illusions to trick foes like Emerald.)
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  6. Swiftclaw23

    Swiftclaw23 Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2013
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    Heya! I'd like to make a character for this. In fact, I will, but I don't have the time right now since I'm in school and the period where I have a computer is about to end. SO I'll edit this post with a character profile later today.
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  7. shinenightz

    shinenightz Active Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    Sounds great!!! Im very excited to get started!
  8. FluffytheArthropleura

    FluffytheArthropleura Active Member

    Dec 18, 2015
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    I may join, but I'm in the middle of another one right now, so I'm not sure.
  9. shinenightz

    shinenightz Active Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    Thats alright. It's up to you
  10. fluffyfoxchan

    fluffyfoxchan Member

    Jan 8, 2016
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    I joined after seeing this thread! I'll make a character soon. Just give me some time to think about one!!!

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