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Faunus [Discussion]

Discussion in 'RWBY General Discussions' started by The Juggernaut, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Mudkip

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    If a cat Faunus and a cat Faunus have a child again and again will the Faunus eventually turn into a cat or will they just be a normal cat Faunus?Also if Faunus and a human have a child and then that child has a child with a human over and over again will the child eventually be completely human?
  2. AceofAces

    AceofAces Impyrrial Admin at Law, Esq.
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    Dec 6, 2013
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    Here are the breeding genetics for Faunus according to CRWBY (Crew RWBY aka the creators):

    - If two Faunus of the same type (such as two cat Faunus) have a child, their child will be the same species
    - If a Faunus and a human have a child, the child will be either Faunus (of that type) or human. The gene either is present or not present (and not a situation where a human can pass on the Faunus gene like a recessive trait)
    - If two Faunus of different types (such as a cat Faunus and a dog Faunus) have a child, their child will have a chance of being a random type of Faunus completely different from the parents (emphasis on chance because the possibility still remains of it being the same type as one parent).

    The reasoning for the last one is so that the creators aren't beholden to making children of two Faunus the same as their Faunus parents, thereby allowing for diversity in what Faunus are out there.
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