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Original Characters

Discussion in 'RWBY Fandom' started by Ember, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. G1zm0g3ar

    G1zm0g3ar New Member

    Apr 22, 2016
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    So here is Ray Lee new and improved. Hopefully this is better and I hope y'all like it ^-^

    Name: Ray Lee
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Faunus (hidden jackal ears)
    Height: 6'4"
    Wieght: 156lbs
    Color reference: Sun Ray Yellow
    Symbol: Chinese dragon
    Likes: Ramen noodles, nature, playing the flute, reading books
    Dislikes: Bullies, large crowds, destruction of nature, cats
    Weapon: National Treasure
    Semblance: Sound wave manipulation
    Inspiration: Toph, Bruce Lee
    Face Claim: (http://pm1.narvii.com/5918/d751c62aeca6ba75d807eecb9ed275c0c8677cac_hq.jpg Jin Mori, G.O.H series)

    Personality: Ray is a self- disciplined person. Lee has a compelling sense of himself as a spiritual being who is the searcher and the seeker of truth. That said, Ray's life is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and finding the answers to the mysteries of life. Ray enjoys a fine mind, and is an analytical thinker, capable of great concentration and theoretical insight. Ray Lee enjoys his solitude and prefers to work alone. He needs time to contemplate his ideas without the intrusion of other people's thoughts. He is a lone wolf and a person who lives by his own ideas and methods. As a result, close associations are difficult for Ray to form and keep, especially relationships . Lee needs his space and privacy, which, when violated, can cause him great frustration and irritation. With all this said, Ray is the type of person who encourages individuality and independence. He also doesn't take verbal threats lightly. His motto is that if you are going to run your mouth, either fight or shut your mouth.

    Skill: Ray is exceptionally skilled in taekwondo and Wing Chun. Here are a list of techniques he has created.
    • Bo-Bup (Way of Walking): Basically it is a type of movement technique that allows one to appear behind, next to, above, etc their opponent instantaneously.
    • Hoe Grab (Kor: 호미걸이): It is used to grab an opponent in a lock position. The fighters faints a reverse kick with one leg and uses that leg to hold the arm of the opponent and uses the other leg to hit the opponent in the side of their head, completing the move. It can be used with variety of combinations with other skills including Spinning Top Kick.
    • Hoe Hook (Guard Breaker): It is used to break an opponent's guard by using Hoe Grab from above. Its Korean name is the same of Hoe Grab.
    • Leg Hook: It is used to bring down an opponent by carrying down a high kick upon their shoulders.
    • Spinning Top Kick (Kor: 팽이차기): With one' s back towards the opponent, kick to the face while turning 360 degrees.
    • Ground Drawer (Kor:땅긋기): Grinds the floor with tip of user's foot while spinning.
    • Hwechook: An attack that has gathered force through rapidly spinning on a central point. It seems to be a staple point in renewal taekwondo as it is utilized in several variations compared to its counterpart Northern ITF Taekwondo which focused more on flamingo stance.
    • 3rd Stance Hwechook(Kor: 3단 회축): Executes normal hwechook in taekwondo three times in a row either from left or right, followed straight away from the opposite direction, then from behind. If the victim flinches and tries to evade by going back, damage increases. It aims at the opponents brain with the first and second kick and finishes the opponent with the third.
    • Spin Kick (Kor:돌려차기): Execute a roundhouse kick towards the opponent upper body.
    • Dragon Catcher(Kor: 용잡기): Advanced version of Hoe Grab. Jumps up into high air while holding the victim's neck with Hoe Grab while spinning in high speed. The victim is then thrown into the ground with their head going downwards.
    • Dragon Sign Hwechook(Kor: 진회축): While charging, user concentrates their force on the foot which will execute the Hwechook, crushing the ground, then channeled the power to tip of the user's right foot. depending on the kick it could be release upward or horizontally.
    • Sickle Kick: A technique performed by lowering ones leg onto an opponents rising limbs to prevent them from carrying out their attacks. It can also be used at the neck of the opponent like a sickle to flip the person.
    • Scissor: A kick performed in a diagonal motion at the neck of a person forming a scissor shape as he legs go down.
    • Axe: After jumping in the air then performing a spin while coming down with a foot stretched out horizontally a huge wave of air is generated. The force of this attack is great enough to split the ground.
    • Baekdu: A knee attack delivered to the opponent causing the them to fly at a considerable distance. It can be combined in quick succession to change the direction of the opponent.
    • Baek Rok: An upward kick performed to the opponents chin.
    • Fangs: An attack performed by attacking with the elbows into in a downward direction
    • Ground Slash: An kick performed on a down or nearly down opponent to get them back on their feet.
    • Gor Yo: two horizontal kicks performed in quick succession at the head of the opponent.
    • Rising Back Kick: A technique delivered by kicking one's opponent after turning his back in an vertical position
    • Reverse Spin: A kick performed by instead of going forward goes backward. It can be performed both high and low and is also called Back Spin.
    • Low Spin: A kick performed by faking a reverse high kick but by using the momentum of Leg hook is used to spin on the ground performing a kick at the legs.
    • Front Spin: The opposite of the Reverse Spin performed high instead of low.
    • Arang: A punch performed at the opponent that sends a shockwave through the opponent sending them flying away.
    • Axe: A descending technique. While in the air, the user front flips creating a downward and then follows up with an axe kick. In the act of dropping his heel, it creates a wind force strong enough to damage multiple opponents in the path of the kick.
    • Taebek: A stepping side kick to the body of the opponent.
    Flaws: Ray was born blind. Because of this, he must rely on his other four senses. However, this hinders his fighting and his perception of the world. Therefore, it is easy for someone to trick him and he is easily manipulated. It is easy for someone to sneak up on him without making a sound

    Weapon: National Treasure
    This weapon, while it doesn't look intimidating at first site, is very effective. Upon first impression, an enemy will think it is just a basic flute. But they are fooled, because the flute can extend into a Bo Staff. The Bo Staff is infused with wind dust, in order to enhance the velocity of the damage it can put upon an opponent. From the Bo Staff Mode, It can turn into a three section staff. It this mode, the speed of the weapon is increased greatly. It is useful for blocking and grappling opponents.

    Semblance: Sound wave manipulation
    Allows him to detect and control sound waves. He can control the frequency and the intensity. Through this, he has learned how to incorporate this into his martial arts.

    Bio: Ray was born to a poor family in Vacuo. Up until he was seventeen, Ray was a kid who was always in trouble. He was involved in White Fang activity, and attended protests. He also always got into fights in the streets and did terribly in school. He was also bullied for being blind. Fourteen is also the age his parents were killed in a crossfire between White Fang and law enforcement. His grandfather, a martial arts master, took him in so Ray wouldn't be orphaned. Ray was taught Wing Chun, which allowed him to master taekwondo. He trained under his grandfather for four years, until his grandfather decided to send him to Beacon. He claimed that while he has trained hard, it will not be enough to fight off Grimm. He wanted Ray to learn to become a huntsman by professionals, as he claimed he couldn't teach Ray that cause he himself wasn't a hunter.
  2. regio3649

    regio3649 New Member

    Oct 31, 2016
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    All I can do is write short and sweet descriptions of characters. I'm writing about two characters right now, but I can't draw them for crap. :/
  3. Benzie

    Benzie Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2015
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    *cracks knuckles* I've always got ideas. Sorry it took me a minute; past month has been hella busy.

    Alright, the parts that intersect with Sun are color theme, monkey tail, weapon, and semblance. Here's what I have off the top of my head.
    Color: Honestly, I would suggest something closer to orange for his color palette, like the colors in the Jeet Kune Do emblem, just because they would clash horribly with his serious demeanor and I enjoy that sort of juxtaposition. Otherwise, I would suggest some darker earth tones- browns or blues- which would be viewed as more in line with his characterization, sedentary and stable or cool and calm. This would likely mean a change in name, and I would be the sort of person to suggest a heavily Romanized rendering of Chinese words in order to name him. Example: I have a character who is named Zise, which is a bastardized version of Zǐsè, which is Chinese for 'purple'.

    Monkey Tail: I would actually go with another animal altogether. Bruce Lee himself was born in the year of the dragon, so I would suggest dragon claws- or, really, any animal who has claws if you'd rather not stray from what's presented in canon. The tiger is another animal used in the Chinese zodiac, and they have retractable claws, so that's an option. Otherwise, I would suggest an Ox Faunus with a distinct muscular build, since oxes were the primary animals used for plowing fields and other farmwork, or even an ox tail if you really want a tail. If you really want to keep him a Monkey Faunus, though, there's also the option of his feet being hand-like, or at least something where he can have opposable thumbs on his feet the way some species of monkeys do; given his inspiration, this would also make him a much more lethal fighting force since his kicks could double as punches with the correct stance.

    Weapon: I'm so very tempted to suggest no weapon at all, but that would be a little too ridiculous given the world of RWBY. Instead, I suggest bracers and greaves with wind dust in them. The idea would be that they function as a personal propulsion system, allowing him to close distance quickly, since most of his specialized attacks are hand-to-hand. Although Bruce Lee did use weapons in his movies, most of his martial arts pedigree was focused on the body being the weapon, so I think it would be neat to preserve that by limiting his long range capabilities. This would also hamper him in certain fights where having a partner who specialized in long range would be especially useful and may provide an avenue of gaining mutual respect between them. You could keep the flute idea, if you so chose; the flute could break down into the bracers (because physics are a little loose in RWBY) and the greaves are part of his ensemble, looking like the traditional white foot wraps used in certain schools of Kung Fu. The flute could then still house wind dust.

    Semblance: Three words: One. Inch. Punch. The ability to focus his aura to make a single hit feel like a hundred. Or, in a different vein, to greatly increase the force delivered by directing all energy into the point of impact. I imagine this would take great discipline and focus to accomplish and couldn't be used more than a handful of times. It may also leave him open to other attacks in the meantime. It might be a little like what we've seen of what Adam's semblance could be, except I would argue that this is more of a pin point, singular attack instead of an AoE or sweeping attack. I also imagine there would be little to no obvious sign that his semblance has activated; to someone unfamiliar with him, I think it would just appear that every now and then, a punch that should only stagger an opponent instead sends them flying and leaves them winded. This could qualify it as a damage-based semblance like Yang's or a perception-based semblance like Ruby's, all depending on what you want to use to justify the magnified force; either he can take damage to a certain extent before being able to turn it back on his opponent or he can do it at will. Your choice, really.
    I hope some of this helps, or gives you better ideas.

    EDIT: Whoops, looks like I'm too late. It's what I get for taking too long, I suppose. My bad.
  4. DASY

    DASY Member

    Sep 16, 2016
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    Name: Azure Draco {human}
    character inspiration: Azure Dragon: Chinese dragon god of the east. since Chinese dragons are strongly linked with magic

    Character theme: Azure Dragon, Chinese dragon god of the east. since Chinese dragons are strongly linked with magic

    Sex: Female

    Age: 16

    Job: Huntress Student



    Gallant Greaser (nickname GiGi) a "grease gun" 45cal submachine gun as the base. The gun folds out into a war pick/ hammer. The trigger and grip pull down and extends into the handle of the weapon. the gun remains in the weapons head. The barrel pokes out the pick side it is fired after hitting the target to help extracts the pick from the target and do more damage. The opposite side of the gun is the hammer its firing add power to the strike of the hammer. either single shot or full auto.

    History: Azure was born into a family of gifted huntress and huntsman she was raised on stories of her family legacy. Growing up azure strove hard to live up to the high standards her parents set for her. In her mind, she kept falling short if she got good grades they could be better if she got the top grades in her class that was the standard she needed to be at. Things just got worse when her younger sister Onyx started to show she was a natural genius things seem to just came easily to her sister who got all attention for her natural skill. Azure, on the other hand, had to work hard studying and training to struggle to stay at the top of the class. Onyx seemed to enjoy rubbing Azures noise in the fact of her talents.

    The worst of it came when her sister was skipped ahead to join Azure class in combat school. Now they were in directed competition azure kept losing no matter how much effort she put in she regularly came in 2nd to her sister. Onyx seemed to enjoy rubbing Azure's noise in this fact. Azure try to bottle up her feelings barry her feelings deep down inside in a ball. Azure's semblance manifest a few month into her sister join her class she created her first spree of psychic energy Azure was so proud of herself. Then a few days later Onyx manifest her Semblance. This broke Azure her younger sister had beaten her again there was no point in trying to beat her she was doom to live in her sisters Shadow.

    Azure decide she had to get away or things would just get worse. So she broke with family tradition and she applied for beacon instead of Haven like her sister and the rest of the family.

    Semblance: Spheres: She can manifest spheres of psychic energy in her hands. These spheres can be used like grenades detonating at her will. By themselves the Spheres are like flash bangs they can stun, wound, and if close enough kill. When combined with different kind of dust the can achieve a wide variety of effects. (like Weiss glyphs but in the form of a ball that is thrown)
  5. Armidious Fowl

    Armidious Fowl Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2015
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    Alright these are my OC's based off the classical literary horror figures i was talking about: Team GHUL.

    (Ghoul grey or ghoul green)



    Thought's before I go on?
  6. AceofAces

    AceofAces Impyrrial Admin at Law, Esq.
    Staff Member Admin

    Dec 6, 2013
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    I think you've shown me these already, but they look good from a visual standpoint.
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  7. Armidious Fowl

    Armidious Fowl Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2015
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    My bad. Well alright.


    Parents: Victor and Mary Von Grünstein.

    (Grünstein = green stone) .

    Gerda of the Atlas Grünstein house hold, is a Grimm attack survivor.

    She suffered a horrible scourge of Grimm while aiding her parents (Surgeons) in getting civilians out.

    Her parents were fraught with panic but would not lose their little girl. They used dust to perform a dangerous experimental surgery to literally piece her back together, as well as give her vital organ transplants.

    The procedure shouldn't have worked, but by a sheer miracle mixed with their skill and determination, they were able to save her...except they could not wake her up.

    It was then that her natural semblance awakened, actually saving her life, and restarted her heart.

    Her semblance was building up Kinetic and electric energy.

    Now a teen herself and attending Beacon, Gerda Stein is doing her parents proud by pursuing her wish to become a Grimm hunting/field doctor , aiding Hunters and patching them on the go if need be as a skilled physician. Though her methods are...questionable.

    She is a skilled beserker fighter as well as bookworm and knows the weak points in the body like the back of her hand.

    Her weapon, The Bampton Buster, capable of expelling large out puts of electric or kinetic energy she exudes as she builds up more and more momentum like a turbine. It is a chainsaw, Tesla coil hybrid. It is named after the scientific theorist Clare Bampton, who came up with the dust-using procedure that saved her life.

    Her likes include card playing, playing Dungeons and Dragon-Grimm, Yoga, Opera, and reading about hematologist theory and medical practices.

    Just as a note: this was before Nora's semblance was revealed that I made this character. Further her power works a little differently than her. Nora channels energy into her muscles to make her stronger. Gerda is like a turbine that rev's up and at her peak dispels energy i a blast or to power her strikes, or give a powerful output of energy.
  8. Armidious Fowl

    Armidious Fowl Well-Known Member

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    Horace Van Vermilion, of Mistral.

    Basically think the line of Vlad the impaler in Romania in terms of infamy, except his infamy is not just in outlasting others in great wars, but in the hunting of game, particularly Grimm.

    The Vermilion's are known for being able to match the beast's "primal instinct", ferocity, and desire to win.

    This isn't necessarily due to semblance, but just in sheer , raw will to persevere some have referred to as primal in battle, which contrasts their otherwise composed disposition.

    They also have an odd respect for the beasts, viewing them nearly as equals, respecting their food-chain status.

    For this reason, polite society praise them for their Grimm expulsion, but keep their distance cause...well, they're weird. Very wealthy from their victories during the war, and for being hired to slay Grimm, but the odd off black sheep of the social elite, and rather nocturnal and reclusive.

    It was once rumored, they intermarried with BAT-Faunis (if those even existed), though that was never founded.

    That being said they are understanding and charitable to the lower class, and are not held in repute like the rest of the social elite. Showing kindness specifically to Gypsy's, allowing them to camp on the land they own...so long as you don't abuse that charity. You NEVER cross a Vermilion.

    Regardless, Horace Van Vermilion is a prodigy and heir to the Vermilion name. His bigger brother Alcar, is still at large in the wilds of Vacuo, "hunting the perfect game."

    His decision to come to Vale to study at Beacon is still an enigma to many, and some upper class-men like Cardin's posse suspect he's some form of malicious agenda given the infamy of his family...particularly with wooing the fairer sex. While the Schnee's assume the agenda is political, wanting to establish a Vermilion presence further in the world.

    In truth Horace is rather soft and benign compared to his family. The real reason he's stand offish is his feeling awkward in extroverted surroundings. And the real reason for journeying to Beacon was because it's the home town of his favorite Sci-Fi author he wishes to meet in person.

    Horace's semblance is Friction Alteration, which enables him to run along or cling to walls or ceilings, or even water. He can also effect an opponents friction to surfaces but not while he is using his semblance on himself.

    He utilizes two hook swords, Mina & Harker, for grappling and climbing or swinging to another vantage point from which he can snipe; combining his weapons to create a crossbow rifle. His typical position is sniping while upside down. These Arrows having custom dust effect tips, and payloads.

    He has an arguably unhealthy obsession with Coffee, which he drinks from goblets as a habit, and religiously follows his favorite graphic sci-fi novels: the Reign of Zur.
  9. Armidious Fowl

    Armidious Fowl Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2015
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    Meet Undine Cleapatra, treasure hunter/adventurer extraordinaire; just like her family. She is one of 5 children. Her hair is actually naturally blue like her fathers but puts blonde streaks in them to match the fashion sense of the ancient kings of Vacuo, her homeland.

    The Cleapatra's have always been daredevil adventurers, exploring the wastes and ancient lands of Remnant, to see what secrets they can offer the present.

    On her first dig with her parents, Seth and Ma'at Cleapatra, she found her signature weapon: The Monolith's Eye. This scepter was one of the ancient weapons used by the Dust masters of old, and is a very efficient channeling wand and focus point for her Semblance. It has a rotating colored pommel , for indicating which dust element is being utilized which shows in the eye gem of the scepter. It also has the capacity to whip out for grappling, aiding her spelunking, and fire out bursts from it's hilt.

    Her semblance is Necro-animation; the ability to animate and trans-mutate the terrain, and inanimate objects. For example turning something like a vault door into amber so they can smash through it, or animating a nearby tree to grab you, or for dirt and ground beneath you to ensnare you like quicksand, even for water to become ice where she decides to step.

    Essentially think of it the way that Weiss's glyph's work, she generates mystical circle glyph's to enact certain spell like effects, using her saber as a focus point for that energy which uses DUST. With such she is able to effect her speed/time, strength, elemental attacks/defenses etc.

    All Undine does is use her semblance to affect the area of environment she pin points, (not a whole jungle or even a courtyard park). Likened to Fullmetal Alchemist, if she specifies an area of terrain, she can select that for necro-animation, or even her own clothes, utilizing dust for its boosted effect to this end, her wand being HER focus point.

    Obviously each use requires her full attention so she cannot do all of the above at once, but already a skilled daredevil and adventurer who's had her share of escaping a collapsing temple or tomb, she can think very quickly during a fight and switch gears on the fly.

    Her likes include rock climbing, parasailing, spelunking, reading or finding historical transcripts, watching cartoons, and talking to her Beta fish named Bacon.

    Her head piece is actually a port for her visor which comes down over her eyes, making the whole of her face covered when having her bandanna up.
  10. Armidious Fowl

    Armidious Fowl Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2015
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    Lastly, Loden "Lonnie" Chaney, of Team GHUL.


    (Loden = Green, there's a reason he doesn't wear green any longer).

    A Wolf Faunis, distinct with the silver white hair that runs in his family, and is an ex-scavenger grave robber.

    His nick name has been "old man" despite his age due to his hair since he was small boy.

    Since he was small and sickly, Loden and his adopted pack family family (Faunis-wolves), actually followed Hunters of Vale around in the wild and wastes where they lived, and loot the bodies of those who fell in battle before they could be recovered.

    One day Loden tried to loot a huntress, who as it happened, was not dead yet. Before there could be any struggle, a Grimm showed itself and attacked them. The Huntress bravely fought, so that Loden could get away. But while his friends and brothers all fled for safety, he found he could not leave the Huntress to die. So he stayed and helped her fight it to the death.

    It cost him a scar on his face, and chest, but cost her her last breath. His pack who fled however, were not so lucky. They were picked off by Grimm in the forests while they were running startled.

    Loden decided then to stop robbing bodies, and start making his own out of the Grimm, before they could make any more themselves.

    He brought her body back to her rural village in Vale, and for the first time buried someone properly, and honorably. He also spoke of her bravery at her funeral to her family and neighbors.

    Her teacher, Zircon(like the metal) thanked him for the effort he made, and when asked, agreed to teach him the way he taught her if it was indeed to her memory.

    The late Huntress' name was Wisteria Violet, and Loden wears her color to this day.

    His weapon is "Grave-Maker" a shovel mace, and triple barreled shot gun.

    His semblance "Big Bad Squall" is wind(air) pocket manipulation.

    By "huffing and puffing", he is able channel air into a focused air or wind blast, that he can bark/howl out in a gust like a cannon, with enough power to cut through trees or rock.

    [Think of Sparky Sparky Boom Man from Avatar the Last Air Bender]


    Despite his seemingly indifferent or menacing exterior, he's really got a bit of a child in him, albeit a grumpy one at times.

    He enjoys seeing children playing and enjoying themselves like he didn't have opportunity to. He's fiercely loyal and pack minded, and despite his dirty and grueling job, he actually keeps himself and his possessions up; believing in appreciating what and who you have.

    SO , what think you?

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