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The Dawn: Rebirth

Discussion in 'RWBY Role Play' started by Jaxrond, Jul 6, 2015.

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    The Dawn: Rebirth

    Only a short time ago, mankind established its first fortified settlements. Across the map of Remnant, four kingdoms have risen, kingdoms that, while still new, will stand as the foundations of human civilization in the years to come. They are called Vacuo, Vale, Atlas, and Mistral. These key capital cities are surrounded by smaller towns and villages, each under the protection of formidable huntsmen, who serve as protectors and Nobles in this age. They are the knights of the realms, keeping the creatures of Grimm at bay in order for humanity to grow and thrive.
    However, even as humanity struggles to establish itself in the face of the threat of the Grimm, the Lords of the land, who form the Councils of the cities, squabble over petty things. Borders of feudal holdings are drawn and redrawn, trade routes fought over, bribes are made for political gain, and the loyalty of Hunters is bought. Not all Lords are so corrupt. Some are truly noble, working to protect and uphold and build. However, it seems that the majority have fallen further and further into selfish darkness, Faunus and human alike.
    As the youth grow older and take up trades to practice, fewer and fewer have chosen the way of the huntsmen. All too often, the life of a huntsman is cut short in service. Due to the draw of human hardship and lack of protection, the creatures of Grimm have become a larger plague than they previously were. Only those who live in the four fortified cities are truly safe. The outliers all too often come under attack and are lost. The situation is dire and those in power seem to care only for furthering themselves. The call has been put out for future Hunters and Huntresses to answer. However, it is uncertain how many will rise to heroism in the face of danger.
    In the desperation for new Hunters and Huntresses to rise up and protect humanity, the council of Atlas came together with the idea of forming the first Hunting Academy. Previously, huntsmen were trained by following an older, more experience Hunter or Huntress about, and acting as an apprentice. However, this method keeps the numbers low and does not allow the protection for the students that an established school would. All too often, young prospects are lost to the Grimm before they can complete training. In order to remedy this, the Lords of the council have decided that an academy must be built in order for greater numbers of potential protectors to be trained efficiently. However, with the numbers of active Hunters and Huntresses low already, they have had great difficulty finding instructors for this new academy. They have sent the offer of employment as far as the other three kingdoms and have been met with just enough success to begin schooling. All that is needed now are brave young souls who will answer the call to protect humanity. To attend this new school, called only ‘The Academy’.
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    Dec 7, 2013
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    NOTE: The first page of the reboot is for character sheets only. Please contact me through personal messaging with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

    THE MAIN RULE: The GM’s word is law. Excessively arguing with the GM (and, by extension, Co-GM) will result in consequences. My dad has this rule when we tabletop that goes a bit like ‘if you argue with the GM, the enemy will hit every time and do maximum damage to your character’. Please do not make me use a variation of this.

    1) No excessive language. As in, your character is not permitted to have a vocabulary that consists only of cursing. Please, keep the f-bomb to a minimum as well.

    2) No graphic sex/rape scenes. I don't mind it being alluded to or even non-graphically posted. Just keep it PG-13. You can get steamy and talk about how ‘they became one’ or 'questionable noises' came from the bedroom or whatever, but no word porn. I don't want to know how long your male character is or how big your female character's bust is.

    3) Due to the fact that the adult characters are older and more experienced than the students, it stands to reason that they are more powerful. However, they are not unstoppable or so tough that they face down an entire pack of Beowulfs without injury. Especially in this time when weapons are not as powerful. Please, those of you who play adult characters, use reason.

    4) No super graphic violence. As seen in the Red trailer, fights are messy and gory. However don't explain how many disembodied heads and limbs were lying around. That's just gross and some people aren't too keen on violence.

    5) When making an out of character comment, please specify it as such by using 'OOC' and then 'IC' when you return to being in character.

    6) We are all on here to have fun. Don't be a fun leech by starting arguments or putting others down.

    7) If the roleplay begins to slow down, I or my fellow GM(s) will throw in a general 'plot twist' to keep things moving.

    8) If your characters meet in combat, be respectful to the other player. You cannot kill or injure their character without their consent. That being said, keep it realistic. Your character will most likely not walk away from a battle completely unscathed.

    First player: Maugrim stabbed at Ari with his spear, aiming to sever the deltoid and cut off the use of her left arm.

    Second player: Ari dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding the glinting blade. However, even as she did, the spear cut through her sleeve, leaving a narrow gash in the fabric.

    Notice that the blows are attempted, and the possible damage is stated, but they do not actually land without the other poster's consent.

    9) All posts must be at least three sentences and may not be a block of speech. Description helps keep things moving

    10) There is a cap of 3 characters at maximum. Each character must be submitted in the same manner of the first, and additional characters will only be approved if the GM believes that the player is capable of controlling numerous characters without being overwhelmed.
    NOTE: This rule is fluid for the GM and CoGM as we may be playing characters that, while important to the plot, are not played as often. Such as the main villain.

    11) Please refer to the RP Rules thread in the ‘RWBY Role Play’ section

    I would like you to send your app to me for approval before posting it here (note that just because your character was in the original RP does not mean they are automatically approved!):

    Name: (First and last)

    Age: (16-18 unless you have been given permission to play a teacher)

    Race: (Faunus or Human) [note that while some Faunus hold positions of power, the group on the whole is viewed as second class]

    Appearance: (face, hair, size, scars, etc. Pictures are encouraged. Give me at least a few complete sentences. ‘Blue eyes, brown hair, tall, skinny’ does not cut it)

    Clothing: (all visible clothing and armor. Pictures are encouraged)

    Weapon: (description of what it is, what it does, how it is used, etc. Pictures are encouraged. Remember that technology is not as advanced and guns are a new phenomenon. Dust-integrated weapons are also very rare and advanced. Dust would most likely be used in a raw or powder form.)

    Semblance: (no OP)

    Emblem: (do the best you can. Pictures are basically required)

    History: (usually a paragraph or two explaining your character's life up until whenever the RP would start. No limits on how long or short it is within reason, but the more detail the better. It must be more than one or two sentences and the sentences must be complete!)

    Personality: (optional though advised)

    *I am only allowing a few adult characters. I will be using one, the founder of The Academy, in a minor fashion in order to keep the plot flowing. If you would like to play an instructor at The Academy, you must explain in their backstory why they left their duties of protecting the lands and acting as knights in order to come train the younger generations.

    @Jaxrond - (GM) Lord Ravin Gale, Ana Vasilisa, and Catriana Ravencroft
    @Olivia Swan (CoGM) - Tucker Blackwood, Truth Morningstar, and Lily Morningstar
    @GodofGamingRWBY - Elegy Allegra
    @Loth - Devoir Oblige, Seven, and Dyo
    @Sund Riddare - Cine Reous
    @Night_Hound - Azul Frigg
    @Snowratt - Pierce Wolf
    @Black_Chaos - Valerie Fairlane and Dianna Celestyn
    @WillVintage - Auron Vanites
    @Swiftclaw23 - Ágrios Epizón

    Team List:

    ADPT (Adept)- Ana Vasilisa, Devoir Olbige, Pierce Wolf and Tucker Blackwood
    TLDC (Thaldic)- Truth Morningstar, Lily Morningstar, Dyo, and Catriana Ravencroft
    VAAS (Vase)- Valerie Fairlane, Azul Frigg, Auron Vanites, and Seven

    Jaxrond- Lord Serge Dumor
    @Sailorwrath - Carmina Birch
    GodofGamingRWBY- Lord Slange Servi
    Black_Chaos- Lord Charles Fairlane
    @Zauis - Leon Lowell
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    Name: Lord Ravin Gale

    Age: 35

    Race: Human

    A large, muscular man, Ravin is a fearsome Hunter with an even more fearsome reputation. His numerous scars are a testament to his almost twenty years of hunting experience. He stands at a hulking 6'4 with the bulk to match. His hair and rather impressive beard are a fiery red while his eyes are a dark brown, almost black. His face is already lined with more frown lines than laugh lines and his stern bearing speaks of a hard life. He has a very deep, rumbling voice that can be easily heard even in the din of a crowd.

    Ravin wears a simple tunic and breeches with boots. When acting as a Lord, he will wear a finer tunic and breeches with a cape depicting his emblem. In combat, he is known to wear a long-sleeved shirt beneath a simple chain jerkin. His other armor includes a helm, decorated with horns, and a large circular shield. He also wears a long, fur cape in battle.

    Along with his shield, Ravin wields a simple sword. He has also shown proficiency with an axe, though he prefers the sword.

    Physical Enhancement: Ravin is almost supernaturally fast and agile for his size. He is also incredibly strong. This is part of the reason he is so accomplished.

    Ravin's emblem is emblazoned on his shield and finer cape.

    Not much is known about Ravin’s childhood. He became the apprentice to Sir Erik Gale, his father, at age fifteen and traveled with him for five years. At age twenty, he came under the employ of a Lord of Atlas and began to serve as the Knight Protector of this Lord’s land. He was a prodigy, a skilled hunter who rarely failed in any task. As his fame grew, he became something of a legend, garnering many followers who wished to be trained by him, though, few were granted their request. Eventually, nearly ten years later, the Council awarded him a small bit of land and the title of Lord. He became a lesser noble with an inordinate amount of influence. His name is known far and wide. He is a hero to the commoners and nobility alike, and carries the weight of that heroism. This has gained him many enemies as well as allies in the political realm.
    It was Ravin who brought forward the idea of an academy and he who offered to act as headmaster. Despite his skill on the field, he thought it more pressing to train new huntsmen, and hopes to use his name as a draw for young prospects.

    Though gruff in appearance, Ravin has a no-nonsense charisma that inspires others to follow him. He is said to have an explosive temper, though it is rarely seen. He is down to earth and stern, though not unkind. He has the best interests of his people and humanity in general at heart, and holds the wisdom and intelligence to see his plans through.

    Name: Catriana 'Cat' Ravencroft

    Age: 17

    Race: Faunus (Raven)


    Catriana has sharp features that cause her large, green eyes to appear very big indeed. They are a strange, pale green, the color of water that the sun has shown through. Her hair is a deep black and has a feathery appearance. She is very pale, almost white, and does not do well in direct, prolonged sunlight. She is very slender and tall, almost 'elf-like'. Her voice is oddly melodic, almost entrancing.

    Catriana wears black trousers and boots as well as a green sleeveless shirt. Her overcoat is forest green and also sleeveless. It is long, falling to her ankles, and hooded. Light armor shields both of her arms.


    Cat uses a bow most of the time, utilizing it with her semblance. In close combat, she uses a pair of long daggers.

    'Jumping'- Catriana has a semblance that allows her to teleport short distances. As long as she can see her destination, she can get there. She uses this in combat by 'jumping' around her opponent in order to outmaneuver them. This makes her an unpredictable combatant.

    Catriana's emblem is an intricate knot in the shape of a bird and is etched into her bow and the blades of her daggers.

    Catriana was born outside of Atlas in a heavily wooded area. A village had been built there within the trees. Her father was the Hunter who had bravely led the group who settled the area and acted as their protector. Due to their ingenuity in creating the tree houses, they flourished. The Grimm had difficulty getting to them through the dense forest and those that did were killed by her father and his brother, who had accompanied him. Catriana grew up within the trees, playing in their branches and learning the ways of the forest and of hunting. When word of The Academy reached them, Catriana’s father suggested that she attend to be further and, hopefully, better trained. She agreed and made the journey to Atlas in order to enroll.

    Due to having grown up in a rather isolated area, Catriana can have some difficulty interacting with others. She has a tendency to use sarcasm and can seem a bit mocking at times, however, this is not her intent. She has a kind heart and wishes to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Only those closest her have seen her softer, gentler side. Though polite to strangers, she has been known to let her sarcastic demeanor slip out from time to time.
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    Name: Professor Mustela Rescisco (Latin for Weasel and to learn)
    Age: 29
    Race: Male Weasel Faunus

    Appearance: Mustela has reddish-brown hair that is cut short at chin length , somewhat pale skin, and silver-colored eyes. He is slim, and is average in height, standing at (5'9").

    Clothing: Mustela wears a brown leather vest over a white-cloth shirt, darker brown pants, and black boots. Over all of this he wears a light-brown cloak.

    Weapon: Tooth and Claw
    Claw: Mustela's weapon is a thin metal sword, with the blade curving into a long claw.
    Tooth: A curved dagger with a serrated edge towards the bottom.

    Semblance: Quick-footed (Mustela has a little more speed than most, letting him catch up to fleeing targets.)
    Emblem: A set of whiskers with a toothy grin located beneath them.

    As a child, Mustela was raised by a superstitious family, believing anything that hinted of the supernatural, though their reactions to it depended on which family member you talked to. For Mustela, he was curious of it, and had a habit of looking to see what it really was that was causing these events, which more often than not, was something completely natural. What he was most interested in what he couldn't explain, such as the tarot cards his grandmother used, and a habit he picked up as he grew older.

    Thus came his utter fascination when he discovered the Grimm. Unlike anything he had figured out before, the Grimm had a slew of ways of remaining mysterious, and it intrigued Mustela beyond end. He took to studying them while travelling with Hunter and Huntress groups as he grew older, and took to carrying around a weapon in case he had to fight as well.

    His studies of Grimm were eventually published, and garnering him attention for one of the more accurate studies of Grimm to date, thus he was recruited into the Academy for Grimm studies, where he teaches new students what he knows, and what he learns, of the mysterious Grimm.


    Mustela can be described as mischievous in in looks, malicious in tone, playful in action. He can be upfront about anything on his mind, willing to have everything out there and not hide secrets as his heritage may suggest. He is also insatiable curious, always wanting to know everything he can about a subject, to unhealthy degrees.

    However, when it comes to what he cares about, he loses his more guileful tendencies, those gets a tad obsessive.
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    Name: Tucker "Tux" Blackwood
    Age: 18
    Race: Cat Faunus

    Appearance: Tux is a rather tall, slim figure, with a lean build that makes him very attractive. He has short mussy black hair, black cat ears, and yellow eyes. He also has a faint scar over his right eye that is partially concealed by his hair.


    Clothing: He usually wears long sleeved shirts and pants, but leaves his midriff exposed. His clothes are mostly white, brown or black, and usually entail a lot of leather. He rarely wears armor to maintain flexibility and maneuverability since he is very light on his feet.


    Weapons: He wields twin hooked tonfa style blades named Hex and Vex.


    Emblem: a black dagger and key, symbols of his past as a thief/trickster.


    Semblance: gravity spring- allows him to briefly alter gravity's pull near him, making it heavier or almost nonexistent. It only works in short bursts at a time.

    History: Tux grew up outside the kingdoms, fending for himself as an orphan. He had to learn to fight to survive. He spent a lot of time as a thief, taking from the wealthy to sustain himself, and helped others who had less than he did. Because of this he has a strong sympathy for anyone who has limited freedom or opportunity to make a life for them self, especially for faunis slaves, the homeless, and the orphaned. He has done a lot of things he regrets to survive or to protect others, including killing and selling his body.

    Personality: Tux is comedic, always looking for a prank to pull or or an idiot to dupe. He loves throwing charm around freely and has excessive amounts of it. He doesn't have any qualms about breaking the rules. He likes to hold all the cards, but won't hesitate to jump on an opportunity to show off. He loves to tease and flirt, but in reality distrusts women and prefers to fend for himself.

    Name: Lily "Black Ice" Morningstar
    Age: 18
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Lily has long stark silver hair and dark red eyes, the color of blood. She is incredibly short and dainty, reaching barely 5' tall, making her appear far younger than she actually is. Her voice is small and high pitched, increasing her child like appearance.



    Clothing: Lily usually wears gothic styled dresses and robes or renaissance-gothic. She usually battles in mage tunics or full robes. She loves black colored material with either gold or blue accent work.

    Weapons: Lily has intricate tattoos wound round her forearms, legs, back and breast plate that carry concentrated black ice dust, her signature weapon. The black ice has elements of earth in it giving an almost metallic strength and durability when it forms. it is also far colder than regular ice dust. She also carries a black parasol with her for close combat situations and as a last defense.


    Emblem: An intricate black snowflake.


    History: Lily comes from a long line of nobles, and a very wealthy house. She was considered a prodigy at dust wielding from a young age and has had the best of training that money can buy in this area. She is at odds with most of her family who do not really understand her strange personality. She doesn't have any friends, mostly because she comes off as creepy and doesn't know how to make any.

    Personality: She's somewhat of a creeper. She seems shy and quiet off hand, but in reality is just an observer of human nature. There's no telling what will interest her, but when something does peak her interest or makes her curious she tends to build obsessions until she finds the answers. She loves books, mysteries, and gothic apparel, as well as anyone who does anything kind for her as she is not used to being treated with kindness.

    Semblance: Ghosting- can for extremely brief periods walk through walls or allow objects to pass through her. Dust can still affect her in this state though, causing her pain.

    Name: Truth Morningstar

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Truth is tall for his age with the same silver hair and red eyes as his sister Lily. He has a lean build with a very attractive symmetrical face. He has a large ornate tattoo design on his back, starting at his shoulder blades. It holds a reservoir of fire and air dust, combining to make electricity that he can build up and fire from his palms in battle.

    (back tattoo below)

    Clothing: Truth shows up in a commoner's black cloak, black combat suit, and a mask that covers his nose and mouth for initiation to disguise himself from Lily. He usually wears black pants, boots, and vest with a white button down shirt or ornately designed mage tunics.

    Weapon: Truth uses either an ornately designed and shaped sword, called Dauntless, or he wields pure dust. The dust he carries is tattooed into his back and is electric dust that he can wield freely.

    Semblance: Truth has partial control of emotions. He can enrage or calm someone easily, but ultimately he cannot make someone do something they really don't want to do. This ability also works only when he is near someone, usually within several meters and when used on more than one person the effect becomes less potent.


    History: Truth grew up with his sister in Morningstar Manor, raised as a proper noble and member of the gentry. He grew very close to his sister of the years and dotes on her constantly. He followed her to the academy to safeguard her and make sure she succeeds in her becoming a huntress. He is a well trained warrior, having the best instruction that money can buy, and the finances to become an excellent dust mage.

    Personality: He is eerily quiet, rarely smiles which tends to put most people off, but is nothing but kind and considerate of others whenever given the opportunity. He is well mannered and polite, but strong in his convictions. He is fearless, but reserved, calm, but caring. He believes in the potential of all people, human and faunus alike, for good, but does not express this opinions much as his father's bigotry against the faunus has quieted him most of his life.
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    My Character
    (took me a while to find it in my hard drive XD)
    Name: Tyrian Ventus

    Age: 17

    Race: Human


    [​IMG] (rough appearance not exact)

    Tyrian's features can be considered simple by many, his skin is tanned from the harsh sun of his homeland with little complexion on the face, His eyes are bright blue while his hair is black. His body build is muscular but not bulky while height wise he stands around 5'8"

    Clothing: Tyrian wears Black leather armor, under neath of which he wears a dark purple fabric

    Apart from when required, Tyrian rarely uses other forms of clothing, usually the most he does is remove his armor as the clothing underneath, however it is not very thick so a colder climate may force him to adopt other clothes


    Weapon: Tyrians weapon is a Glave named Nika, it utilizes wind dust as a way to compliment his semblance, it can be used in multiple ways either on horse back or on foot.


    Semblance: Tyrian uses bursts of air to speed up his movements and attacks, he can combine this ability with the wind dust carried by his glaive to create powerful gusts that can stagger or trip nearby opponents, he can also use the same bursts of air to cushion a fall or slow himself down.

    Emblem: (Purple instead of Black)

    History: Tyrian grew up in a collection of fortified towns called the Harena collective in the the arid drylands south of Vacuo, while called a collective they were hardly united as they only occasionally grouped together to defeat the Grimm threat with most of their time spent fighting among themselves, such a name was given by outsiders who were not interested in noting down the different names of the various towns that settled there.

    Tyrain like many other people wanted to make a name for himself but while others saw such a goal to be achieved in rising through the social ladder in their town he was looking for something more, as such the idea of joining the Huntsmen was always on his mind, but huntsmen were a rare sight around his part with the last one showing up some years ago. eventually though talk began about a huntsmen academy being created and with the hope that it would be his chance he gathered his things and headed to Vacuo to find out whether the rumors were true or not.

    Personality: Tyrian is an opportunist, he does not go into a conversation to make friends but rather gain allies to get some sort of advantage, the matter of whether he gets any connection to a person is simply a unforeseen result of a situation that he can not control, he does not warm up to people particularly easily and thanks to the nature of the people from his home he does not trust easily.

    Name: Elizabeth Greywood

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Elizabeth is of the middle range in terms of height standing around 5'8" with pale skin and blue eyes, her heir is grey and is worn usually in a french braid that is tied at the nape (Basically this: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net...est/scale-to-width-down/200?cb=20130213113242).

    Clothing:Her top has two layers
    First layer is a victorian military grey coat (Example: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/62/7f/50/627f50fa7c96ced513dc5142c5cd0ab0.jpg)
    The second layer is an armoured silver chest plate that goes over the grey coat

    Below that she wears black pair of pants with a grey striped down the side of each leg and black polished shoes.

    She also wears a wide brimmed cavalier hat:

    Weapon: Her weapon comes in two parts, the first rifled musket, the second part is a rapier that doubles as a bayonet and can be attached to the gun barrel.

    She considers the two weapons to be one and calls them collectively 'Oliver', the answer of why is something she never answers.

    History: Elizabeth comes from a place of high birth, her father is a general in the army of Atlas and as such lived a very comfortable life. As a child she tagged along with her father to see military drills and exercises, this was mostly on her request as she proffered the sight of armed and armoured soldiers over more feminine tastes. It was at this point she encountered the gun, still in its infancy it was loud and took a while to load but it instantly caught her imagination and through a lot of pestering her father gave in and taught her how to use one. As she grew older and more adept at using her new found love she began to get bored of shooting stationary targets and small game, she began to gain the idea of hunting grimm as a form of challenge to the point that she would sneak out of her parents property to go and hunt for the creatures.

    Seeing the path their daughter was taking Elizabeth s' parents decided to direct her towards the huntsman profession and seeing this as a chance to see the world and shoot exotic creatures she jumped at the opportunity.

    Personality: Elizabeth loves to hunt, the more terrifying it is the more excited she gets, her first instinct is to find the biggest baddest monster around and put a well placed bullet between its eyes, with this in mind she does not react to fear in the same way as others instead she tends to giggle or laugh leading to some questioning her sanity. Despite her choice of hobbies she acts very posh and tends to be polite in conversation to another human, to a Faunus however she'll often subtly talk down to them having only seen them as servants when growing up.

    Semblance: 'Thrill of the Hunt' Elizabeth s' abilities are based on her adrenaline, the more excited/terrified she gets the faster her movements are, this causes her to move quicker, reload faster and scale walls and trees with greater ease than normal.

    Emblem: https://australia4mpe.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/the-true-peace-sign.jpg
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    Name: Adell von Eis

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Appearance: See picture. Her eyes are Chartreuse, and her hair is pure white. She is 5'3" and she has a 14" shoulder width (the average). Her face is unscarred.

    Clothing: She wears a simple yukata-esque dress with decotations of various alpine flowers on it. She wears no armor.

    Weapon: "Blossom of Snow" A shield of this shape and design about the size of a tower shield, made of RWBYonium, the light yet strong metal. It has straps on the back so it way be worn on her back. The yellow things (which I believe are pistils) have slingshots and openings for said slingshots (pull back style) that lob different kinds of plant seeds depending on how she loads it.

    Semblance: "Bloom and Grow" Her semblance allows her to channel her Aura into plants to accelerate growth, with acceleration depending on how much Aura she uses and the organism. Vines and weeds are easiest, followed by shrubs then trees.

    Emblem: [​IMG]

    History: She lived in a exreemly poor section of Mistral, where her parents would not let her go outside due to fear for her safety. Therefore, she led a fairly secluded life. Fortunately, her home was in a group of apartment-esque rooms above a library, a large one at that. Being as that was really the only safe place for her, she spent a lot of time reading. Among other things, she read journals of Hunters and Huntresses who rose from poverty like hers to become the protectors of the world. As she read these, she thought about her life and swore she would escape from this life and help as many others as she could escape. Using the journals as her guide, she trained, hoping one day she could join the number.
    One day, a Hunter was working in that area, making sure there was no weak points in the ground that could let Grimm in. He spotted Adell eventually, seeing her train on the library rooftop. He could tell at once that she had quite a bit of Aura, but she had no affinity for the fighting style she was using. (Namely, fencing. Especially with a branch.) Jumping up to the roof, he said to her, "You have quite some skill. Are you aiming to be a huntress?" She shyly nodded yes, her lack of social interaction not helping. "What's your name?" "Adell, Adell von Eis." "Pleasure to meet you, Adell. I'm Markus MacLandid, Mistrillian Hunter." Adell's eyes widened. "Could you teach me?" she asked eagerly. "Maybe, show me your skills a bit more." She attempted to fence again, failing. Markus could tell by this point she couldn't fight melee to save her life, no matter how skilled she was. Unfortunately, he was no good at ranged fighting. He did carry a slingshot with him, though, so he got it out and handed it to Adell. "Try this. Aim at that sign right there." He pointed to a sign about 75 feet away. Adell picked up a pebble, aimed, and shot. The sign dinged as the pebble hit it. "I'm sorry, Adell. I can't train you." Adell's eyes teared up. "But I do know some people who can." Her eyes brightened and a big smile apeared on her face. "Atlas is forming a school for Hunters and Huntresses. Tuition is free for those who don't have the highest income. You just have to pass a test. With the skills you just showed, you'll have no trouble. So, what do you say?"

    Personality: She is normally gentle and kind, but hates when people reference her past. She is an antisocial introvert.

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    Name: Professor Cine Reous

    Age: 31

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Standing at 6'1, Cine has medium length brown hair, tousled and matted by the constant wearing of his helmet. Scruffy facial hair outlines his pointed chin and powerful jaw line, while his hooked nose is left slightly crooked from previous fractures. His amber eyes are small and narrow, sitting evenly apart underneath curved eyebrows. Cine's right arm had been severed at the shoulder, forcing him from service as a Huntsman several years back.

    Clothing: Cine regularly wears charcoal pants with brown boots, both of which are covered in padding and steel plate. That same steel plate and padding covers the dark brown long sleeve he wears. A fluted helm and steel gauntlet finish his suit of armor. Red embroidered cloth featuring his emblem drapes around his waist and over his missing right arm.

    Weapon: Bedwyr is a dreadfully enormous hammer. This veritable mass of iron requires far more than simply strength from the wielder. Patience and cunning are needed in order to manipulate such a weapon.

    Semblance: Cine's semblance allows him to emits a scalding steam from his body which he uses for defense and to obscure vision.

    Emblem: A white fleur-de-lis.

    History: Cine, along with his older brother Culhwch, grew up outside of Vacuo. His parents lead boring and dull lives amongst the village in Cine's eyes. Instead, he had always hoped to explore the world and partake in exhilarating adventures. So, when the time came, Cine left to become a Huntsman and after several years of training returned to Vacuo as a full-fledged Hunter at the age of twenty.

    During his ninth year of service, Cine was called to defend the village his brother had moved to with his fiancé, Olwen, from a horde of Grimm. Upon the arrival of Cine with several other Hunters, the village was in turmoil. Cine immediately set out to ensure the safety of his brother and soon-to-be sister, though all he had found was Culhwch distraught and searching for his missing fiancé. After promising to return Olwen safely to his brother, Cine set out to rescue her. The result of his efforts was the loss of both his right arm and his brother's bride, Olwen.

    His disability brought about an early unwanted retirement to Cine's service as a Huntsman, despite his attempts to continue. The only other option to stay in the line of work was as a professor teaching combat training at 'The Academy'.

    Personality: Pensive and taciturn, Cine has a grim, sarcastic know-all sense of humor. Cine is slow to act, taking careful consideration before he does or says anything. He is kind, though not necessarily a "fair" man, and can be particularly stubborn once he does decide on a course of action.
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    Name: Lacie Reginacor
    Age: 17
    Gender/Race: Human Female
    Appearance: Lacie is on the tall side with a slight hourglass frame and slightly pale skin. She has ice blue eyes and red hair with white highlights that she likes to keep in a messy bun with loose strands hanging along the sides of her face.

    Clothing: See below


    Weapon: Lacie wields a gold scepter named Sceptrum Pulveris (Scepter of Dust). Atop the scepter is a rotating crystal that can house different types of Dust that she's able to use as a Dust Mage. With each swing, she releases clouds of Dust that she can direct with her Semblance to form focused blasts, broad sweeping arcs or whirlwinds to deal elemental damage. Additionally, the head of the scepter features retractable spikes turning it into a mace for close quarters combat.

    Semblance: Aerokinesis (aka Air Bending). She's able to generate and control gusts of wind to blow opponents over, though she mainly uses it in tandem with Dust clouds to control the damage being dealt. With her Semblance, clouds of fire dust become flamethrowers, electrical dust becomes electrical storms, and ice becomes a blizzard.

    Emblem (I suck at drawing): Lacie's family crest is stylized after a playing card with a red heart overlaid on a black shield adorn with a gold crown. In the top left and bottom right corners is the letter R in red, though the bottom R is upside down like a playing card.

    History: Lacie came from a privileged family with old money maintained by the family's banking empire established by her father, Lord Cheshire Reginacor. As such, she was largely raised by maids and servants rather than her parents. She had an older sister, Mathilda who was the family favorite and heiress to the banking empire when she died. When Lacie was a young child, she went wandering about in the woods by her house and was ambushed by a pair of Ursai. Mathilda gave her life so that Lacie could escape, and Lacie blamed herself for Mathilda's death. Unfortunately, Lacie's parents, in their grief and pain, resented Lacie for what happened and implicitly allowed Lacie to believe that Mathilda's death was her fault. Wanting nothing to do with Lacie, they had her home schooled and took no part in her life.

    The pain and guilt of Mathilda's death triggered a depression, but this then devolved into bipolar disorder as the stress of rigorous home-schooling and minimal parental support sparked cycles of manic and depressive states. In an attempt to finally be rid of Lacie, her parents shipped her off to the Academy so that she would be "someone else's problem."

    Personality: Lacie is bipolar ranging between states of mania and depression. Her "manic" states involve a very energized mental state characterized by euphoria, hyperactivity, sleep deprivation, racing thoughts, low attention span, risky behavior (including substance abuse and hyper-sexuality), delusions of grandeur and in some cases, aggression and rage.

    On the other end is the "Depression" state which comes with all of the usual depression symptoms: persistent sadness, anxiety, guilt, irritability, anger, isolation, hopelessness, self-loathing, apathy, sleep/appetite/focus issues, loss of interest in things once appealing and shyness/social anxiety.

    However, there is a third middle state known as "hypomania" which is her baseline personality: optimistic, energetic, creative, and those who are unaware that she has a problem will see her as a normal girl. She is usually hypomanic, but cycles every so often into mania or depression for a period of time before returning to normal. However, stress (and drugs/alcohol if present) can trigger more abrupt switches which are usually more extreme, even by her own standards.

    Also attendant to bipolar depression is emotional dysregulation, which means that she can't control her emotions properly. Simply put, she is at the mercy of her emotions and has little control over the way she feels. Often, it's her emotions that control her rather than the other way around.

    Name: Prof. Raven Harmreach
    Age: 30
    Gender/Race: Female Rabbit Faunus
    Appearance: Raven is a busty rabbit Faunus that is little taller than average (5'11") with long legs and fair skin marked by intricate patterns of blue lines from the shock Dust coursing through her veins. She has bright blue eyes and electric blue shoulder length hair.

    Clothing: Raven usually wears a white blouse with a black petticoat, black tights and black knee high boots. She also wears her signature black top hat over her rabbit ears, but this is not a means of hiding her Faunus identity, of which she is proud of. When she's not fighting, she wears leather gloves to avoid shocking people she touches.

    Weapon: Raven has a pair of brass knuckles, but that's not her primary weapon. She IS a weapon. Through her years of studying Dust (and a happy accidental experiment), she managed to infuse her body with shock Dust, effectively turning her into a walking taser. Through direct contact, including conduction through her knuckles, she can shock anything she touches or fire lightning bolts from her finger tips with more focused effort. It should be noted that she can't touch anyone without wearing leather gloves, lest they suffer static shocks. As a result of the need to maintain a constant energy supply, she eats more than an average person as a way of constantly providing fuel for the cells in her body that are producing the electricity. However, she doesn't gain weight from eating so much because the high energy consumption resulted in her having a high metabolism.

    Semblance: "The Rabbit's Hole:" The ability to create portals (like in the game, Portal). As with Portal, the portals only take effect when both ends are completed, the momentum of objects traveling through it is preserved, and it can only be formed on solid surfaces wide enough for a personal sized portal since the size doesn't change. Unlike Portal however, she's not restricted to certain kinds of surfaces, so she can make portals on any types of walls, the ground, and even tree trunks that are large enough. Additionally, she can only create portals on surfaces she can see, so long distance travel requires point to point traveling.

    Emblem: She wears a white patch on the forearm of her jacket that bears a top hat resting on a tea cup.

    History: Raven was the daughter of a lowly Dust tax collector serving the local lord, though her early exposure to Dust peaked her curiosity in the subject. By befriending the lord's daughter, she gained access to the lord's private collection of books on Dust, using such knowledge to study as much about Dust as she could and uncovering new pieces of information from field work. By the time she was 24, she was a pioneer in the study of Dust, credited with major breakthroughs in humanity's understanding of Dust and its applications. Due to her mastery of the subject, the Academy reached out to her to be the head of its Dustology department to share her wealth of knowledge while continuing her research.

    Personality: Raven is ordinarily very playful and comical, trying to bring humor into her lessons so that her students will pay attention, though she's more professional on the clock than off. She's also very analytical and takes her field of study seriously. She is tough, but fair on her students, expecting a lot of them, but more than willing to help tutor those who ask for help, often showing warmth towards those she tutors privately.


    Couldn't put the actual profile here because the post would have been too big
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    Name: Bistre Neamhain
    (Pronounced biss-ter)

    Age: 16

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Bistre is a girl of about five-six with chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes. She is broad and curvy, a boisterous bruiser of a girl. Strong as an ox through the core, with an ever-ready smile and a wicked gleam in her hazel eyes, Bistre is well-accustomed to physical exertion and hard fighting. She wears her wavy hair at shoulder-length, either tied back in a frizzy bun or held back with a headband of varying description.

    Clothing: For protection, Bistre wears a dark brown leather vest that covers from waist to collar, banded with polished steel. Upon its chest is embossed her wagon-wheel symbol (further described below). Tight leather cuffs with steel coverings protect her wrists. Her pants are leather breeches, covered to the knee with a dark-red skirt. Calf-length leather lace-up boots protect her feet.

    Weapon: A heavy battle-axe, dual headed on a five-foot long haft, large the head based on the final foot of the haft, growing out into two feet of blade on either side. The over-all effect of the head is that of a lollipop with cut-outs on top and bottom. Embedded on either side of the axe head is a great crystal of red dust, that allows fire to be wielded through the weapon.

    Semblance: Bistre’s semblance takes the form of Shockwaves, the ability to unleash powerful over-pressure waves that force opponents back. When she puts more force into the shockwaves they can damage enemies and surrounds or even cause things to combust.

    Emblem: Bistre’s symbol is an eight-spoked wagon-wheel, with the encircling wheel formed by a celtic-style inter-woven band.

    History: Born as the sixth daughter of her parents, a low-ranking noble family near to the east marches of Vale, Bistre had grown up knowing that despite her noble birth, there was little in the way of inheritance waiting for her. Whatever she would end up with in this life she would have to earn. So she, like many younger children of nobles, took up fighting. Unlike many younger children of nobles, Bistre found herself to really be quite good at it. Her mother’s master-at-arms taught her well, until one day, at fifteen, she took up her great axe, her fine leather armour, a backpack full of supplies, and set-out for adventure.

    Adventure swiftly followed, and after a year she had nearly found too much adventure by far three times over, twice against Grimm and once against bandits, but she pulled through with dumb-luck covering whatever skill couldn’t. Eventually she was found by her mother Ernmas, who clucked her tongue at the state of her daughter. She said that if Bistre wanted to forge her own path, it was best to do so under the aegis of the Academy, and arranged for her to go there.

    Personality: Bistre is bright and energetic, with itchy feet. She is always on the move, always impatient. She loves to fight, loves to brawl and knock heads. She will mix it up with almost anyone, as even a fight that gets her head kicked in is still a chance to grow. After all, when you have an aura, what is there to fear? Despite being aggressive and adventurous to a fault, she is not a gullible girl, nor a fool. A year of adventuring cured her of many of her sillier ideas and impulses.

    Will try to befriend and get along with just about anyone, but only somewhat shallowly. She lets very few people that close to her.
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